Lasaretti’s meeting rooms, restaurant, hotel rooms and even the yard area display a broad collection of visual art and sculpture. The common element of the art hotel’s collection is the artists’ Northern Finnish roots. The pieces on display include sculptures by Martti Aiha and Reijo Hukkanen as well as paintings by Niilo Hyttinen and Sinikka Tuominen.

Currently residing in France, Hannu Väisänen is a good example of one of the Oulu-born artists whose works are on display at Lasaretti. Väisänen is known as a painter, a graphic artist, a textile designer and an author. The versatile artist’s novels, Vanikan palat (2004) and Toiset kengät (2007) describe the artist’s early years in these very yards of Lasaretti in the Oulu of the 1950s and 1960s. The glass wall created by Väisänen for Lasaretti’s restaurant hall serves not only as an unusual room divider, but also demonstrates the artist’s aesthetic and technical innovativeness. The same goes for the enormous paintings displayed in the main lobby of the hotel.

Lasaretti’s Aurora Hall is home to many video pieces. Become familiar with them and inquire about the possibility to enliven your meeting or party with art!

Aurora’s Pieces