A local service provider
Hotel Lasaretti is a private hotel in Oulu. The legal company that operates the hotel and restaurant activities is TaitoReitti Oy, a limited company owned by Hengitysliitto, or the Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland. The CEO of the company is Katja Holm.

Our purpose
We offer high-quality meeting, restaurant and lodging services in Oulu. Our facilities enable the best possible customer experience for customers looking for meeting and event services and individual lodging experiences. We aspire to be ready for the opportunities brought about by new trends, urban development and changes in our operating environment. Lasaretti has been in operation for 15 years and we have established our presence in the Oulu region as a reliable provider of meeting and event services. Our handshake is the sign of quality and reliability.

Key figures (2016)
Turnover €2.7 million
Meeting and event rooms 12 pcs
Hotel rooms 49 pcs
Restaurant Virta with 140 seats
Events 1 097 pcs (meetings, seminars, training sessions, parties, etc.)

Lasaretti employs 18 full-time professionals in restaurant, hotel, AV technology and sales services. All of Lasaretti’s own workers are full-time employees, which deviates from the industry norm, and some of our people have worked here since the very beginning. Employment helps maintain the vitality of the region and promotes well-being in general.

Corporate responsibility
We are aware of our responsibility as an employer and as a developer of the training practices of the industry. We see our role as vital in the service chain that extends from the farmer to production and all the way to the end user. Our operations also generate turnover for other businesses, including transport and programme services companies and event companies. The production chain involves many small companies. Environmental issues are also very important to us and all the services we provide at Lasaretti (hotel, restaurant and meeting services) have been granted the Nordic ecolabel.

Contact information
CEO Katja Holm, tel. +358 44 407 7314
Restaurant Manager Virpi Tiilikainen, tel. +358 40 771 5764
Hotel Manager Kaisu Peuralahti, tel. +358 40 841 5468

All email addresses take the form

Billing information
TaitoReitti Oy
P.O. Box 389
90101 Oulu, Finland

Operator: Basware
Operator address: BAWCFI22
EDI id/OVT number: 00371749977610000