Hotel Lasaretti is located on the shores of the Oulujoki River in the corner of Ainolanpuisto Park and the park area of Hupisaari Islands, a walking distance away from the centre of Oulu. The railway and bus stations are only about one kilometre away. The grand, historical buildings of Lasaretinsaari Island give a distinctive image to the hotel yard.

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Popular attractions such as the science centre of Tietomaa and the Oulu Museum of Art can be found right next door to Lasaretti. The guest may follow the paths and the white, wooden bridges in the park to reach the Hupisaari Islands, the open-air summer theatre, the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum and finally the Oulu Market Square, which is also home to the Market Hall, the City Theatre and the library. Ainolanpuisto Park also has a central playground on the island of Kiikkusaari and excellent walking and running paths. When walking along the river, the traveller will soon encounter the Merikoski fishway and the bridge of Patosilta with its light effects. On the opposite shore of Oulujoki River, the Tuira beach invites visitors to take a refreshing dip in the water both in the summer and the winter.