Bistro menu


Creamy morel soup 10 €
Finnish flat bread and butter
(LF, GF)

Toast skagen 12/16 €
Shrimps on toast (MF)

Tapas 15 €
Fried vendace with garlic flavoured mayo
Beetroot with goat cheese mousse
Dry-cured ham
Malt bread and butter

Caesar salad 10/16 €
Grilled chicken with root chips
(LF, GF)

Country style salad 10/16 €
Lightly salted salmon OR halloumi

Main courses

Smoked salmon 26 €
Creamy seabuckthorn sauce and spinach oil, season’s vegetables

Beef sirloin steak 34 €
Red wine sauce and grilled broccolini
(LF, GF)

House Burger 18 €
Hamburger OR vegetable patty OR fried vendace
Smoked cheese, marinated cabbage and mayonnaise flavoured with feta cheese

Smoked tofu 23 €
Redwine sauce flavoured with tomatoes, season’s vegetables
(Veg, GF)

Sides, choose one for the main courses:
– Mixed green salad (MF, GF)
– Home made french fries with aioli (LF, GF)
– Fried potatoes (LF, GF)

Extra side 5 €
You can also order sides as separate dishes. Try with drinks!

Kid ‘s menu
All the dishes are available for children.
Starters and desserts 5 €
Main dishes 9,50 €


Olive oil cake flavoured with lemon peel 9 €
Vanilla ice-cream
(LF, GF)

Berry Triffle 10 €
Fresh berries, whipped cream and chocolate cake
(LF, GF)

Ice cream 5 €
Vanilla (LF), Chocolate (LF), Pistachio (L), Lemon sorbet (Veg)

+Bailey’s Irish Cream liquer 3 €/2 cl

LF = Lactose-free dish | GF = Gluten-free dish (We also use products with gluten in our kitchen)