Bistro menu


Creamy salmon soup 13/18 €
Mildly smoked salmon and dill oil, malt bread and butter

Tapas 19 €
Air dried ham (ES) and salami (IT)

Manchego and blue cheese
Cantalope, herb pesto, fresh salad and house bread

Toast skagen 14/18 €
Shrimps, dill aioli, boiled egg and brioche

Toast 12€
Air dried ham (ES) or salami (IT) or grilled eggplant

Halloum cheese salad LF 12/18€
Deep fried halloum cheese
Cantalope, pickled red onion, honey nuts and lemon vinaigrette


Country style salad 12/18€
Chicken fillet, parmesan
Croutons, pin beans, pickled onion, boiled egg and herb sauce

Main courses

House Burger 23 €
Breaded chicken (FIN) of beef burger (FIN) or vegetable patty

Roasted chicken (FIN) 28 €
Chicken fillet, spinach ravioli, seasonal vegetables and sage butter sauce  

Fried salmon 32 €                                                                   
Seasonal vegetables and spring onion sauce


Beef sirloin steak (FIN) 38 €
Caramelized onion puree, roasted carrots and mushrooms and dark pepper sauce
(LF, GF)

House falafel steaks 38 € 
Homemade falafel steaks, seasonal vegetables and mint yogurt
(LF, GF)

choose a side dish for the main course:
– Mixed green salad (GF, Veg)
– Roasted summer potatoes, parmesan and aioli (LF, GF)
– Homemade French fries (GF,Veg)
– Sweet potato fries (GF,Veg)

Extra side 6 €
Side dishes can also be ordered as a snack with your drink.

Kid ‘s menu
All the dishes are available for children.
Starters and desserts 5,50 €
Main dishes 10 €


Yogurt panna cotta 10 €
Fresh berries and meringue (LF,GF)

Mud cake 12 €
Caramel sauce and pear ice-cream (LF, GF)

Strawberry cream parfait, fresh berries and merinque 10€ (LF,GF)

Ice cream 6,50 €
Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, pear (LF, GF)
Orange sorbet (Veg, G)
+ Bailey´s Irish cream -liquer 2cl 3 €


Cappuccino 3,50 €
Espresso / double espresso 3,20 € / 5,70 €
Coffee / Tea 2,50 €

LF = Lactose-free dish | GF = Gluten-free dish (We also use products with gluten in our kitchen)
We use Finnish meat only.