Virta Bistro’s delicious menu is served from Mon.–Fri. 5–10.30 pm and Saturdays 2–10.30 pm with last orders placed at 10.00 pm.



Tapas 14 €
Serrano ham and pesto,
Mangheco cheese, stuffed vine leaves,
olives marinated with lemon and oregano and cherry tomatoes (LF, GF)

Toast skagen 12/18 €

Salad à la Virta 9 €/18 €
with slightly salted salmon OR Feta cheese, tomato vinaigrette,
salad, cherry tomatoes, honey roasted sunflower seeds, strawberry (LF, GF)

Creamy salmon soup 11 €/16 €
potato flat bread (LF)

Fennel pannacotta 10 €
tomato vinaigrette and crisp bread (LF, GF)


Fried Arctic char 29 €
creamy morel sauce and saffron polenta (LF)

Warm sandwich 17 €
meatballs, tomato sauce, Feta cheese, marinated red onion and
seesam seed flavoured yoghurt (LF)

Marbled beef sirloin steak 30 €
Café de paris sauce and home made French Fries (LF, GF)

Tomato ravioli with cheese 18 €
herb sauce with butter (LF)

Home made French Fries 6 €
seesam seed flavoured yoghurt (LF, GF)


Liquorice flavoured mud cake and salted nut ice cream 12 €
pomegranate syrup (LF, GF)

Orange pannacotta and strawberry salad 9 €

Lemon ice cream 8 €
lemon sauce and meringue (LF, GF)


LF = Lactose-free dish  |  GF = Gluten-free dish (We also use products with gluten in our kitchen)